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During a home inspection, we perform a visual inspection of all the major elements of the perspective residence. The purpose of this inspection is to inform you of any potential problems, as well as to alert you to any major defects in the property so you may purchase with confidence knowing what is in need of repair NOW and what will be needed in the near future. If you're looking for employment city lake personnel agencies we can help you.


It's a small investment for peace of mind!

Pre-Selling Inspection

Have you owned your home for a while? Are you unsure of what a home inspector might find? Before you put your home up for sale, have it inspected by an experienced professional so that there are no surprises when someone places an offer on your home. A pre-sale inspection can save you from a number of headaches regarding the negotiation of the sale of your home.

Home Buying Inspection

Though home inspections are not always required, it is a good idea to have a certified, experienced home inspector thoroughly go through the home you are interested in purchasing to help you understand its true current condition. A thorough home inspection report can help you make an informed decision whether or not to proceed with buying the home and also to plan for the future needs of your home.

Estimates For Needed Repairs

Anyone who has ever asked for an estimate from multiple contractors knows that the bids can vary widely. Upon request, 1st Choice Home Inspections will provide you with a reasonable range of prices that should be paid for the noted suggested repairs.

Mold & Radon Testing

Living with mold and radon can be detrimental to anyone’s health. Whether you wish to have tested your current home or a home you are interested in purchasing, our services will provide you with the information you need to proceed with living a healthy life in your home.

A standard home inspection should include a
visual inspection of the following parts of the house:

Home Exterior
We will inspect the exterior cladding and any attached porches or decks to determine that they are in good repair. We will also inspect driveways, sidewalks, patios and the grounds looking at surface grading, as well as any vegetation that may cause trouble for these systems.
The greatest factor that will impact a roof’s effectiveness is the age. We inspect every roof for signs of premature aging and weathering, also checking for any individual shingles or flashing that may be in disrepair. We will check for signs of leaks, and that the drainage system is clear of debris and working properly.
Home Interior
We will inspect floors, ceilings, and walls for areas of damage. Also inspecting stairs and railings to make sure they are safe and secure. The condition of windows, doors, cabinets and countertops are checked thoroughly for ware and damage. Lastly, we will inspect the condition and operation of the garage door system and garage door opener.
Electrical System
A properly functioning electrical system in a home is crucial for the safety and well-being of the occupants. Electrical system problems are responsible for thousands of house fires every year. 1st Choice Inspection will examine the homes electrical service for signs of damage or wear and ensure that it is using components that are up to current safety standards. We will inspect switches to make sure that they are functioning, and inspect outlets to make sure they are grounded and polarized properly. We also will test to make sure that your electrical system is properly grounded at the exterior, and visually inspect the meter box.
Heating System
As part of our inspection of the heating system, we are required to document the type, size and age of heating system in use in the home. We also test for problems or defects associated with the burners for the system in question. Lastly checking for dangerous Carbon Monoxide levels that could be leaking into the home.
Air Conditioning System
We will perform an inspection of the air conditioning systems condenser and related equipment to determine if they are in working order. In Michigan we have many months of the year which are below 65 degrees in which case this part of the system can not be fully tested.
Interior Plumbing
We test the water supply and interior waste lines by running all faucets and flushing all toilets to check for leaks and to make sure there is an appropriate amount of water pressure. We will examine waste pipes for signs of current or past leaks. We will also inspect the hot water heater and piping for signs of rust or corrosion. Finally, we will check around toilets, sinks, showers, and major appliances for signs of frequent leaks or spills.
We will inspect the levels and condition of any visible insulation in the attic, as well as check for the presence of moisture or any obvious damage. We will check roof and soffit ventilation to ensure they have been maintained and have not been blocked.

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